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Parenting, teaching, and caring for young people today is hard. There are so many issues affecting our tweens and teens - things like anxiety, substance use, eating disorders, depression, sleep, and screentime - and it can be hard to know where to turn for reliable information or where to find solid advice. That’s where Teen Health Today can help.

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Hi! I’m Christopher Pepper, an award-winning educator and writer who has been teaching middle and high school students about health issues for more than two decades.

I’ve been published in The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Edutopia, and Greater Good Magazine, and interviewed by USA Today, Mother Jones, Mic, CNN, and National Public Radio.

I’m a member of Shape America’s Health Education Council, and serve on the Content Advisory Board of TheNewDrugTalk.org, which helps parents learn how to talk about substance use in the age of fentanyl.

One thing I’m focusing a lot on these days is working with boys around health masculinity. I’m currently co-writing a book, Talk To Your Boys, which will be published by Workman in 2025, and I plan to include some of the fascinating things I’m learning in this newsletter.

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My goal is to make your life easier, while keeping you informed and ready to take on the things that are coming up in your home, office, or classroom. I want to help you raise caring, capable kids who contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

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How to talk to youth about mental health, substance use, nutrition, exercise, sleep, relationships, and sexuality.


Christopher Pepper is an award-winning health educator, speaker, and writer. His work has been featured in the SF Chronicle, The New York Times, and on NPR. He's currently co-writing "TALK TO YOUR BOYS," for Workman Publishing.