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Have you read about the issues with young men believing that they must be women due to the stereotypes around being the “wrong” kind of man? My son developed Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria at age 16 and rejected the idea that he was male. He grew up with extremely open minded parents who taught him that he could be who he wanted to be and love who he wanted to love. This was not enough when it came to the social scene at a rough San Francisco school where his only outlet for being a sensitive boy was the SAGA Club. High school was an overwhelming transition and then COVID hit. He spent a year on line being informed that if he didn’t fit in and hated his pubescent body and sexuality, then he must be trans. He was groomed by both well meaning people and several pedophilic men on line. He came out of it through exploratory therapy and two liberal minded parents who explained all the ways he would grow up and come to love himself and that he was too young to make such life altering decisions that would affect his sexuality, sexual function, and future relationships. As a high school teacher in the SF Bay Area, I have seen too many of us quickly affirming trans ideation in young people rather than helping them understand that there is no “right” way to be male or female. Here is a new website to help parents and counselors navigate the issues affecting boys who believe that they were “born in the wrong body”. https://www.rogdboys.org

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