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I talk to my middle schooler about the dangers of vaping. But maybe more importantly, about the way any drug use can be a way of talking care of distress, calming, soothing their systems, and the very real desire to fit in. And continually work foster a strong connection that includes consistent hang out time with enough quiet to allow room for my teens questions or thoughts. And I ask how things are with friends etc with drugs, vaping - with a lot of compassionate curiosity - so that the topic is being broached by me, so it’s not my teen needing to break that ice.

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In G8 Health classes we explore risk-taking behaviours including alcohol, vaping. We start by looking at the development of the teenage brain to understand why it's normal for teens to start to take risks , seek new sensations and make mistakes. When we look at vaping, nicotine we learn about big tobacco companies and how they directly target young people (and have for generations). We learn about addiction, decision-making, and refusal strategies. We also focus on healthy coping-strategies teens can use instead of turning to alcohol or vaping. I talk with students openly and try to give them real answers to all of their questions. No scare tactics. Just accurate information and development of essential skills.

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